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Best Local Bands: Notts/Derby Area

This has been requested, and believe it or not, there's going to be quite a few. I might do a small band's one again, but currently, a lot of the smaller bands I listen to and know of our local bands to me. Technically, Notts is my closest city. But I will class Derby because I would travel to Derby for gigs, and there are some bands I class as local that refer to themselves as a Notts and Derby band so... let's get on with this. I'm not going to do this in like a favourites sort of order, this is literally just bands I like that are local. 

You all know this one is coming, you all know who it is if you're familiar with my blog, or my Twitter or me.
The Mocking Jays 
On this blog, we love The Mocking Jays and they deserve so much love and support. There's so many posts on my blog about them, but they're a Notts band, and I love them. They're sexy, funky, dirty, pop. And they're insane, they're all lovely, they're amazing live. I've seen them 6 times, and I have tickets for rounds 7 and 8 hanging on my wall, so... I wouldn't go and see them so much if they weren't decent. Lovely people, catchy tunes, and just go listen to them and you'll see why I love them. Get on the hype now, before Kiss My Neck drops on the 28th.
Distant Blue
Distant Blue are so good, and if you don't know I live for pop punk and alt rock, so if you do too, then maybe you should go give them a cheeky listen because they are a pretty good pop punk band like YES PLEASE. I did do a post on what I thought of Whirlpool by them, so if you haven't seen that then check that out. And yeah, they're really good, haven't seen them live, but I do want to but I've only been to one gig since Slam Dunk, and I don't feel strong enough to go and see another band that I've never seen before yet. But if I do eventually go and see them, then I'll probably go a post about it. Please please please, go check them out. They're so good, like listen to them and you'll see what I mean.
Scribble Victory
Yes, that's right, Scribble Victory. We haven't seen that name on here for a while, but I do still like Scribble Victory. I really do want to see them live. And now I can actually legally drive that's a little more likely than before. They're an acoustic band, and I am a sucker for a good acoustic band. And I just... they're so good, and I feel like not enough people talk about them, like I know people who have heard of some of these 'local' bands, but I never really hear anything about Scribble Victory. I still remember hearing them for the first time and falling in love with them. Go check them out if you haven't already and go show them some love.
Don't Forget Rupert
Do I really need to explain this? One of the last posts on here, was a review of their new EP, and I DID ACTUALLY BUY MY TICKETS TO SEE THEM IN OCTOBER. LIKE CAN WE PLEASE APPRECIATE THIS BAND AND I FEEL SO BAD FOR NOT DISCOVERING THEM SOONER. Like honestly, go listen to them and then tell me Long Time Coming is not stuck in your head for the next two months, and that you don't constantly want to scream the lyrics to Get Fucked, because honestly, that's my mood. I also have to love them because they're like the closest Notts band of origin to me, so I mean, how can I not? If you haven't listened to them then you need to because, they got a little special place in my band world now.
Fast Car To Florence 
I do really like Fast Car and there's not one song I don't like. They're so good, and I did manage to kinda see them live before, I saw like three or four songs and then had to leave, but I did really enjoy seeing them and I do want to see them again. If you haven't heard of them? What are you doing? And whatever you're doing you should stop for a moment and go listen to them. They're really good, and I do really like them. So yeah, go check them out!
Say The Word
Say The Word had an auto DM set up back in the day when Twitter allowed them a lot more freely, and I remember getting their DM and like most bands it was like "Go check us out!" but because they were a Notts band I was like "Yeah okay..." and they were actually the band that got me back into the local music scene. They're so good, and yeah, I can't recommend them enough if you haven't heard of them before. So yeah, go check them out. Show them some love, and yeah. Support another Notts band.

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