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The Songs That Impacted My Life The Most...

These aren't easily favourite songs, they aren't songs that I love the most. These are songs that impacted either my life, mental health or music taste.

  1. Time For You To Stand Up by Twin Atlantic
  2. Speeding Cars by Deaf Havana
  3. Where Rubber Meets The Road by Meat Loaf
  4. Holiday by Green Day
  5. Take You Home by The Mocking Jays
  6. Body Bag by Beartooth
  7. Loverboy by You Me At Six
  8. Star Girl by McFly
  9. Relapse by Divided by Friday
  10. Walk On Water Or Drown by Mayday Parade
  11. Keep Calm And Don't Let Go by Forever The Sickest Kids
  12. Just Past The Point of Breaking by Fatherson
  13. Overthinking by Twin Atlantic
  14. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic
  15. The World Or Nothing by Deaf Havana
  16. Pensacola, 2013 by Deaf Havana
  17. Kiss My Neck by The Mocking Jays
  18. The Rock Show by blink-182
  19. Business by Catfish and The Bottlemen
  20. The Permanent Rain by The Dangerous Summer
  21. Coffee Talk by Broadside
  22. We Got This by A Day To Remember
  23. Justified by A Day To Remember
  24. Dead & Buried by A Day To Remember
  25. St Paul's by Deaf Havana
  26. Everybody's Dancing and I Want To Die by Deaf Havana
  27. Smiles All Round by Deaf Havana
  28. Stay by Mayday Parade
  29. You're Dead Wrong by Mayday Parade
  30. Whiskey by Deaf Havana
  31. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
  32. Better Off by Divided by Friday
  33. Open Book by Fatherson
  34. Keep On Bringing Me Down by Forever The Sickest Kids
  35. 24 Floors by The Maine
  36. Movin' On by Good Charlotte
  37. Girls and Boys by Good Charlotte
  38. We Could Have Had It All by The Hush
  39. Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology by Mayday Parade
  40. Too Close For Comfort by McFly
  41. Life is a Lemon And I Want My Money Back by Meat Loaf
  42. Threat Level Midnight by Neck Deep
  43. Damsel In Distress by Neck Deep
  44. Critical by State Champs
  45. Prepare To Be Noticed by State Champs
  46. Overstep The Line by The Noise Next Door
  47. Elvis Ain't Dead by Scouting For Girls
  48. Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan
  49. I Don't Wanna Be Sad by Simple Plan
  50. Free by Twin Atlantic

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