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Band/EP Review: Don't Forget Rupert

Guess who's back with another review of a Nottingham band? Oh yeah, it's me. I'm back to promote another band from Nottingham because guess what? There really are some hidden gems of bands in Notts. This is essentially an EP review, but it's only fair that I give you a little insight into the band, and what I think of them. So let's go!
The band consists of:
Ben Martin- Vocals and Guitar
Lewis Henderson- Guitar
Lou Coe- Drums
Pete Cumpstone- Bassist
They're indie rock (which yes, okay we all know indie rock, alt rock and that sort of genre is my life) and they're like a love child of Panic! At The Disco and The 1975, I actually played one of their songs to my friend and she asked me if it was Panic! So, I mean, that's something.  AND THEY'RE A NOTTS BAND, JUST LET THAT SINK IN.
Don't Forget Rupert are honestly so good, like hello, yes, these some good stuff. I'm kinda digging their music currently, I mean if you're looking for a new band and you trust my opinion, then go and give Don't Forget Rupert a listen. Like, yes, you need these guys in your life. I always get scared of finding new bands that I love because I always worry about not loving a band as much as I should, or loving them too much. But honestly, I love Don't Forget Rupert and I will be going to see them (technically again, I mean it depends if we're classing the few songs I saw as seeing them).
The main reason, I am here though, is because on the 10th of August they dropped a new EP called Full Circle. Now Full Circle is amazing. My favourite song is definitely Get Fucked because hello, is this the new anthem? I will be surprised if Get Fucked is not in my most listened songs this month... that's how much I've listened to it, but I feel that way with the entire EP. It's like the mystical little EP, that's got the perfect sound of indie rock, Ben's vocals aren't drowned out either, which is something that puts me off a lot of music nowadays. I like to be able to hear what is being said. So when vocals are not drowned out I do really appreciate it.
Full Circle is an absolute masterpiece and lyrically it's a massive yes, like a triple yes. It's absolutely amazing, and if you haven't checked it out yet, then you should probably, no you should definitely go and give it a listen and show it some love. My top two tracks off the EP are Get Fucked and Time Takes It's Toll. I
The entire EP has an amazing rock vibe, and honestly like I just wanna scream about it from the rooftops because HAVE YOU EVER ENCOUNTERED SOMETHING SO PERFECT?
Honestly, Don't Forget Rupert are amazing, go and show them some love and if you like this post then let me know!
Overall both as a band, and for the EP... Don't Forget Rupert get a solid 5/5 lemons.
Where To Find Don't Forget Rupert:
Where to find me;
Here Every Monday at 7 pm UK time
Twitter @MyVoiceBrxndNew
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