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What I Think Of The New Deaf Havana Sound...

A.N. If you've popped to this post to get the link to my new blog post on my other blog or you're hear for this post but you want to check that one out too, then the link is... Rituals has been out for a few weeks now, I've had time to accept it for what it is and I have thoughts about it. If you are unaware, Deaf Havana is one of my favourite bands, and with their latest album, they have kinda stepped away from their sound. I'm not annoyed at the sound, I kind of like it, but it was just different from what I was used to. Either way, it's gave Deaf Havana more recognition. I have songs I love on this album and songs I'm left feeling underwhelmed with, but that's because I am so used to the sound of the likes of Fools and Worthless Liars and All These Countless Nights, or even Old Souls. I'm used to that sound, not the newer sound, although there's a couple of hidde

Band/EP Review: Don't Forget Rupert

Guess who's back with another review of a Nottingham band? Oh yeah, it's me. I'm back to promote another band from Nottingham because guess what? There really are some hidden gems of bands in Notts. This is essentially an EP review, but it's only fair that I give you a little insight into the band, and what I think of them. So let's go! Source The band consists of: Ben Martin- Vocals and Guitar Lewis Henderson- Guitar Lou Coe- Drums Pete Cumpstone- Bassist They're indie rock (which yes, okay we all know indie rock, alt rock and that sort of genre is my life) and they're like a love child of Panic! At The Disco and The 1975, I actually played one of their songs to my friend and she asked me if it was Panic! So, I mean, that's something.  AND THEY'RE A NOTTS BAND, JUST LET THAT SINK IN. Don't Forget Rupert are honestly so good, like hello, yes, these some good stuff. I'm kinda digging their music currently, I mean if you're loo

Live Review: The Mocking Jays round 6: Sequins and Ponchos

A.N. Wasn't initially the post I was going to do, but I have to play the PTSD card and the whole, "I'm still not okay after Slam Dunk" card when it comes to gigs... but I did get to see the boys in the band make some noise again, SO HERE WE GO! Sequins and Ponchos What happens when you mix, sparkles, a poncho, and the Rescue Rooms together? The answer is the best The Mocking Jays gig to date. We're going to start with the outfits because most people that I've introduced to TMJ have pointed out their funky outfits... and let's just say, they didn't disappoint. WE HAD SEQUINS, WE HAD A PONCHO, WE HAD IT ALL. WE HAD EVERYTHING YOUR LITTLE MINDS COULD THINK OF... it was a look that most bands could not pull off, but they pulled it off so well. So the setlist was pretty good like I was happy with the set, but as I always say, it's the energy that went into the set that did it for me. Like, I love them, but the energy is next level. Spoil

The Songs That Impacted My Life The Most...

These aren't easily favourite songs, they aren't songs that I love the most. These are songs that impacted either my life, mental health or music taste. Time For You To Stand Up by Twin Atlantic Speeding Cars by Deaf Havana Where Rubber Meets The Road by Meat Loaf Holiday by Green Day Take You Home by The Mocking Jays Body Bag by Beartooth Loverboy by You Me At Six Star Girl by McFly Relapse by Divided by Friday Walk On Water Or Drown by Mayday Parade Keep Calm And Don't Let Go by Forever The Sickest Kids Just Past The Point of Breaking by Fatherson Overthinking by Twin Atlantic The Chaser by Twin Atlantic The World Or Nothing by Deaf Havana Pensacola, 2013 by Deaf Havana Kiss My Neck by The Mocking Jays The Rock Show by blink-182 Business by Catfish and The Bottlemen The Permanent Rain by The Dangerous Summer Coffee Talk by Broadside We Got This by A Day To Remember Justified by A Day To Remember Dead & Buried by A Day To Remember St Paul&#