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Why I Love: The Mocking Jays...

20180702_161129-01I have done these before, I did one on Twin Atlantic and one on Deaf Havana. So it's only fair that I do one on The Mocking Jays, because if you know me you know that I support this band a hell of a lot. So let's do this!
  1. "George Ramplin everyone!" if you've seen the 2017 live video of Take You Home then you understand.
  2. Jacob Smith
  3. Lewis Hammond
  4. George Ramplin
  5. Sam Dorrington
  6. Alex Hather
  7. 13.07.18
  8. Take You Home
  9. Sex On The Beach
  10. Kiss My Neck
  11. The pea story... if you know, you know.
  13. That little mosh pit to I Can't Be Without You Love
  14. I ruined Amber's life with taking her to see them twice...
  15. They're so lovely and friendly (still regret not believing when I was told they were friendly, because oh my gosh! They're so nice)
  16. That riff in Take You Home, again if you know, you know.
  18. Have you seen the mocking dogs? because yeah, I have a soft spot for dogs and there's dogs... so random, but you know...
  19. Close To You
  20. Too Close
  21. Feels (Feels is a bop, and I'm not ashamed that I know the words to it...)
  22. She Knows
  23. Go All Night
  24. Cold Hands
  25. Funny Bones
  26. That total bop of a song that's coming out next Friday! aka, Edge Of Your Knife
  27. They get better every time you see them live.
  28. Remember that one time when I saw them live and Jacob tried to cheer me up by dedicating my favourite song to me... Spoiler alert... It worked
  29. That one time me, Lewis and Jacob couldn't think of the name of Edge Of Your Knife
  31. Grit My Teeth
  32. The fact that so many people have said to me that they think they look like they'd have big ego's, then I throw a lil story in their face and they realise they're the sweetest and most genuine people
  33. Jay and Lewis' hugs.  Top notch hugs they are.
Like always, I'm gonna put my top songs;
1. Kiss My Neck
2. Sex On The Beach
3. Edge Of Your Knife
4. I Can't Be Without You Love
5. Grit My Teeth
I'm not doing my ratings, because we all know I give the mocks a solid 6/5 every time, because they're fabulous because they're 'Sexy, Funky, Dirty, Pop. Everything you want to hear and more'
Where To Find The Mocking Jays:
Where to find me;
Here Every Monday at 7 pm UK time
Twitter @MyVoiceBrxndNew
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