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How Bands Helped My MH: Twin Atlantic, Deaf Havana and The Mocking Jays

In the words of Sam McTrusty, "Music is my therapy, I can listen to it all night long" Music has helped me a lot. Music keeps me sane, and music like it does with many people, it makes me feel things. It makes me feel things that I didn't know I could feel over a song. If you are unaware of my mental health then, I do have a post over on my  second blog  about it. Bands have been the one consistent thing in my life, now, I personally, have no musical talent apart from the fact that surprisingly I can write songs, which I actually do quite a bit. But, I listen to music a lottttt. Like I carry my earphones everywhere because ya girl likes to listen to music. If a situation is getting too much, I'll put some music on. If I feel happy, I'll put some music on. If I feel sad, I'll put some music one. Angry? Yup. Anxious? Yup. I have music for every mood I feel. I know that there's a lot of music that I can go to if I'm in a certain mood, and sometimes

Single Review: Edge Of You Knife by The Mocking Jays

A.N I was supposed to post this last week, but my Monday and Tuesday were spent in A&E. BUT AFTER IT BEING OUT FOR JUST OVER A WEEK HERE WE GO!  The Mocking Jays have just blessed us all with a new single, that dropped on the 13th of July. If you are unfamiliar with who The Mocking Jays are, then you should go check them out because as I've said before they're an amazing band, and they're one of my favourites. So what did I think of EOYK?  I love The Mocking Jays and I have heard EOYK live five times, so when it dropped I was very familiar with the song... but, if you know me then you probably think I worship this song? And if you did, then you're right. Edge Of You Knife is amazing, it's super catchy, like I'd be lying if I said I didn't have it stuck in my head at least 10 times a day. It's so upbeat and catchy, that it makes you want to listen to it on repeat (I mean I clearly listen to hardly anything else considering it's my most list

Why I Love: The Mocking Jays...

I have done these before, I did one on  Twin Atlantic  and one on  Deaf Havana . So it's only fair that I do one on The Mocking Jays, because if you know me you know that I support this band a hell of a lot. So let's do this! "George Ramplin everyone!" if you've seen the 2017 live video of Take You Home then you understand. Jacob Smith Lewis Hammond George Ramplin Sam Dorrington Alex Hather 13.07.18 Take You Home Sex On The Beach Kiss My Neck The pea story... if you know, you know. THEY'RE FROM NOTTINGHAM, LIKE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT THEY'RE A LOCAL BAND That little mosh pit to I Can't Be Without You Love I ruined Amber's life with taking her to see them twice... They're so lovely and friendly (still regret not believing when I was told they were friendly, because oh my gosh! They're so nice) That riff in Take You Home, again if you know, you know. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR SHIRTS?! Have you seen the moc