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Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 4 & 5)

The Mocking Jays
jacobbbbbbCredit to @xoEnderox for the 2nd and 3rd photo
 If you are unaware, I have seen The Mocking Jays 5 times now, each time I post something on here about it. However, I saw them twice last week so I'm just going to mention round 4 and 5 in the same post.
Thursday the 17th of May 2018
On Thursday, The Mocking Jays were the support act for The Half Eight. The Mocking Jays are always phenomenal. If you have ever listened to their music, you would be pleasantly surprised if you saw them live. There's so much energy in their sets. I love it so much. The Mocking Jays always put on a good show, so when I went to see them on Thursday I wasn't disappointed. I feel like I could have enjoyed the gig more, but that was down to personal reasons. The Mocking Jays were absolutely amazing, and I cannot praise them enough with how good they are live. Seeing The Mocking Jays makes me happy, I don't think there is a band that I have seen before that puts a show on like The Mocking Jays do. I would rather go and see The Mocking Jays and see a band that actually want to be there, that put effort and energy into their set than see some other bands.
Thursday's performance definitely gets a 5 out of 5 sparkly lemons.
Friday the 18th of May 2018
I have a lot to say about this night.
So Friday's gig was a headline show for The Mocking Jays. And they slayed. It was my favourite time seeing The Mocking Jays, not just for some reasons I will mention, but because as I always say, every time I see them they get better. They are better every time. Some bands get worse, some bands stay the same, but some bands like The Mocking Jays get better. I did get to meet Jacob and Lewis again, and that was great. I opened up to them a little bit and they were so lovely about it. I will say this, that they are possibly the nicest people I have ever met, like not just band members, but people in general. I wasn't even anxious about talking to them (to clarify, I don't get anxious because they're band members because I outgrew that whole fangirl phase with bands a while ago, it's just pure anxiety because I'm an anxious person), they're the sort of people you want to be friends with because they're just so lovely. Then we just spoke about random stuff and they're just lovely people, and knowing that I support a band who aren't pricks makes me like them even more. Also going to put a very important thing in here, Jacob and Lewis give good hugs. I've had a lot of hugs over the years and Jacob and Lewis' are definitely up there.
Their performance just blew me away. It was the best performance I'd seen from them, and I honestly cannot get over how amazing it was. I'm not just saying it was the best performance because of the fact that Jacob dedicated Kiss My Neck to me (it's my favourite one of their songs). I'm saying it was the best performance because it was. The Mocking Jays are incredible, and they're talented. That gig was the best gig I'd been to, and that says a lot. They outdo themselves every time, and I will definitely be going for a 6th round... Every time I see them, I know that I have to go again because they're amazing. They're a band with a lot of talent, and I'm all up for supporting a local band. Because small local bands can't become bigger bands without support, so yes, I will continue to go and see The Mocking Jays. And if you haven't checked them out yet, then you might want to consider doing that.
So now it comes down to the big thing, where I have run out of ratings and I have to try and think of something to top the previous ratings... So currently, the highest rating I have given The Mocking Jays is 5 sparkly lemons (because I ran out of standard lemons, so...), so I guess this means that Friday's gig gets a solid, 6.5  out of 5 sparkly lemons, because they deserve that because as I said, they always outdo themselves.

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