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Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 4 & 5)

The Mocking Jays Credit to  @xoEnderox  for the 2nd and 3rd photo  If you are unaware, I have seen The Mocking Jays 5 times now, each time I post something on here about it. However, I saw them twice last week so I'm just going to mention round 4 and 5 in the same post. Thursday the 17th of May 2018 On Thursday, The Mocking Jays were the support act for The Half Eight. The Mocking Jays are always phenomenal. If you have ever listened to their music, you would be pleasantly surprised if you saw them live. There's so much energy in their sets. I love it so much. The Mocking Jays always put on a good show, so when I went to see them on Thursday I wasn't disappointed. I feel like I could have enjoyed the gig more, but that was down to personal reasons. The Mocking Jays were absolutely amazing, and I cannot praise them enough with how good they are live. Seeing The Mocking Jays makes me happy, I don't think there is a band that I have seen before that puts a show on

My Summer Bops

These are not necessarily summer songs, but my music taste is greatly influenced by the season. During autumn and winter, I tend to listen to heavier music than I do in spring and summer, so it's just a few songs that I've been listening to in the nice weather and that I'll continue to listen to through summer. Sex On The Beach by The Mocking Jays The Airplane Song by Scouting For Girls I Need A Holiday by Scouting For Girls Summer Stained by Broadside Drive All Night (English Hearts) by Deaf Havana Fall Into The Party by Twin Atlantic Summer Paradise by Simple Plan Wild One by Deco Take You Home by The Mocking Jays Crystal Ball by State Champs Playlist Where to find me; Here  Every Monday at 7 pm UK time Twitter ( @MyVoiceBrandNew  and  @mvbnphotography ) Facebook  Snapchat (myvoicebrandnew) Instagram (myvoicebrandnew)