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Song Challange

A.N. So technically, this was one of them 30 day song challenges, but I thought that I would adapt it and just turn it into a blog post. I did not create this song challenge, I simply just Googled some of them. And I have slightly changed some of the 'days' just to make them fit. But anyway, yeah.Grace-Elizabeth/ MyVoiceBrandNew
1... Your Favourite Song
My overall favourite song is Time For You To Stand Up by Twin Atlantic, however, my other favourite songs are, The Chaser by Twin Atlantic, The World Or Nothing by Deaf Havana and Star Girl by McFly.
2... Your Least Favourite Song by Your Favourite Band
My least favourite Twin Atlantic song is The Ghost of Eddie. My least favourite Deaf Havana song is... well it's just anything off of It's Called The Easy Life.
3... A Song That Makes You HappyAnything from The Mocking Jays. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic (what a shock...) and Drive All Night (English Hearts) by Deaf Havana.
4... A Song That Makes You SadEmotionless by Good Charlotte and So Soon by Marianas Trench
5... A Song That Reminds You Of Someone...I'm gonna pick some people I talk to and do one for each of them.
A song that reminds me of Amber would be No Worries by McFly because McFly are liars.
A song that reminds me of Chloe would be Lived A Lie by You Me At SixA song that reminds of Georgia would be Chances by DecoA song that reminds me of Myles would be The Chaser by Twin AtlanticA song that reminds of the person that I tweet indirects about aka bean would be St Paul's by Deaf Havana, it literally has no significance to him, but when I hear the song my mind automatically thinks of him.
6. A Song That Reminds You of SomewhereLittle Joanna by McFly reminds me of Scotland just because the last time I was in Scotland, I was obsessed with the song. So every time I listen to Little Joanna I think of that week when I didn't stop playing it. 
7... A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain EventI don't exactly have a song that reminds me of an event as such, but over two years later and Playing In Traffic by Broadside still reminds me of a memory that has scarred me. That still to this day, I have issues with.
8... A Song That You Know All The Words To...I'm not going to say The Chaser, or anything by Twin Atlantic, or a band that it's well known that I love e.g. Deaf Havana and The Mocking Jays. So I'm going to go with, Solo by The Story So Far just because not many people know that I actually like TSSF.
9... A Song That Makes You Want To Dance...I'm going back to my trusty, my McTrusty option, The Chaser by Twin Atlantic. That song just does everything for me.
10... A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep...
The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is pretty good for calming me down and relaxing me for some bizarre reason, so let's go with that.
11... A Song From Your Favourite BandTwin Atlantic- Babylonian Throwdown
Deaf Havana- Smiles All Round
The Mocking Jays- Take You Home
A Day To Remember- Out Of Time
McFly- Ultraviolet
12... A Song From A Band You Hate...Cheek by Moose Blood.
13... A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure...
Our Song by Taylor Swift
14... A Song That Nobody Would Expect You To Love...
Banjo by Rascal Flatts
15... A Song That Describes You...
This Is My Life by Milestones and The Way by Valencia
16... A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate...
Pop Song by The Xcerts
17... A Song You Often Hear In The Car...
Every time I've gotten in my car in the past two weeks, I've heard I Remember by A Day To Remember
18... A Song You Wish You Heard On The Radio...
We Want Better, Man by Twin Atlantic.
19... A Song From Your Favourite Album...
Why Won't We Change? by Twin Atlantic
20... A Song That You Listen To When You're Angry...
In Between by Beartooth
21... A Song You Listen To When You're Happy...Sex On The Beach by The Mocking Jays or Fall Into The Party by Twin Atlantic
22... A Song That You Listen To When You're Sad...Good Days by Light You Up
23... A Song That You Want To Play At Your Wedding...Firstly, thinking I'm gonna get married is aspirational. If I ever do, then I feel sorry for the poor man who marries me. But I'd say whatever our song is, and maybe I Love You, I Love You. It's Disgusting by Broadside.
24... A Song That You Want To Play At Your Funeral...Like A Ghost by Deaf Havana
25... A Song That Makes You Laugh...The closest you're going to get to a song making me laugh is Fucked With An Anchor by Alestorm
26... A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument...
Hey, Soul Sister by Train and Don't Stop Believin' by Journey... Only two songs I can play on an instrument but, I can play them on the ukelele.
27... A Song That You Wish You Could Play...
The Chaser by Twin Atlantic just so I could piss people off with being able to play it because pretty certain most people know I'm kind of obsessed with the song...
28... A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty...Falling In Love by McFly
29... A Song From Your Childhood...Star Girl by McFly
30... Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year...Good Things by A Day To Remember
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