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Gig Review: Deco/The Mocking Jays/LUNAH/Black Cats & Magpies

Date: 31st of March 2018
Location: Rough Trade, Nottingham
Who: Deco, The Mocking Jays, LUNAH, Black Cats & Magpies
I went to this gig, thinking I'd love The Mocking Jays again, and I'd like Deco, BCMP and LUNAH... I walked out of the gig loving them all.
The opening act was Black Cats & Magpies who are a local, indie rock band (local to me) and they absolutely slayed! I would happily go and see them again, my interest peaked when they were about to play Away and Nathan was saying it was about a psycho ex-girlfriend, that was when my interest peaked and I fell in love, because that was a song that I needed in my life. Black Cats were honestly so good, like going to give them about a 4 out of 5 lemons.
Then on came LUNAH, now normally LUNAH's music isn't the sort of thing I'd listen to. I feel like I mention this in every post I do when I talk about new music, my favourite bands besides The Mocking Jays are Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana, I'm very much into my pop-punk and rock. And LUNAH is not what I normally listen to... but I did like it! Ben has an amazing voice and he is very talented. I would go and see him again. I also appreciate LUNAH for the fact that he is a one man band, just Ben and his Macbook. I'd give LUNAH a 3.8 out of 5 lemons.
Then came, what has now become my favourite band, The Mocking Jays. They opened with their new song, and I cried a little bit on the inside. The Mocking Jays are one of these bands that sound absolutely amazing live! They were better this time, than the last time I saw them. They're amazing, and they had such a good set list... slowly died on the inside when they played Kiss My Neck because that is my favourite song by The Mocking Jays. I will be going to see them again. I WILL. I'd give them a 6 out of 5 lemons.
And to finish off the night, out came Deco. Now, Deco are like The Mocking Jays in the way that they are better live than on recordings. There is so much energy in their set. Now, I'd managed to pull myself through the other 3 sets, but when it came to Deco I was actually feeling quite unwell. I nearly passed out at one point, so I kind of lacked energy, but I really enjoyed seeing Deco live. They were so good! Like as soon as they played Chances, all the energy I had left in me, was used up because, I put my remaining energy into that song. I really want to see Deco again, and I'm confident that I will. I'd give Deco a solid 5 out of 5 lemons.
For The Mocking Jays and Deco I was right at the front, me and my pastel green hair. For LUNAH I was pretty at the front, although for about 15 minutes, I was like middle, against the wall because I was waiting to stop feeling ill. And for Black Cats & Magpies I was at the back and then around the middle. All the acts were amazing, and I would happily see all of them again. Was certainly a top notch show, and possibly the best gig I've been to... but Twin Atlantic are still up there. Overall the gig as a whole gets 5 out of 5 lemons.
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