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Live Review: The Mocking Jays (Round 3)

Do I love The Mocking Jays? Yes... Am I really about to do another review of them? Yes... so prepare yourself for me to express how I felt when I saw them for the third time. Before I dive into this upload if you are unaware of who The Mocking Jays are, or why I love them so much, here's a few things for you to see. TMJ Twitter Thread...  TMJ Band Review...  TMJ gig review (including the other bands who played as well).,. So I saw The Mocking Jays for the third time in just over a month, on the 19th of April 2018. Every time I see them, they get better. I don't know why I find them better every time, but I do. I wish I could explain why, or what it is, but every time they give me a reason to love them even more. There's just so much energy like The Mocking Jays consist of Jacob, George, Lewis, Alex and Sam, and they all act like they want to be there! I've seen numerous bands that put no energy in, and you can tell that they don't want to be there. I was eve

Song Challange

A.N. So technically, this was one of them 30 day song challenges, but I thought that I would adapt it and just turn it into a blog post. I did not create this song challenge, I simply just Googled some of them. And I have slightly changed some of the 'days' just to make them fit. But anyway, yeah. Grace-Elizabeth/ MyVoiceBrandNew 1...  Your Favourite Song My overall favourite song is Time For You To Stand Up by Twin Atlantic, however, my other favourite songs are, The Chaser by Twin Atlantic, The World Or Nothing by Deaf Havana and Star Girl by McFly. 2...  Your Least Favourite Song by Your Favourite Band My least favourite Twin Atlantic song is The Ghost of Eddie. My least favourite Deaf Havana song is... well it's just anything off of It's Called The Easy Life. 3...  A Song That Makes You Happy Anything from The Mocking Jays. The Chaser by Twin Atlantic (what a shock...) and Drive All Night (English Hearts) by Deaf Havana. 4...  A Song That Makes You Sad Emot

Gig Review: Deco/The Mocking Jays/LUNAH/Black Cats & Magpies

Date: 31st of March 2018 Location: Rough Trade, Nottingham Who: Deco, The Mocking Jays, LUNAH, Black Cats & Magpies I went to this gig, thinking I'd love The Mocking Jays again, and I'd like Deco, BCMP and LUNAH... I walked out of the gig loving them all. The opening act was Black Cats & Magpies who are a local, indie rock band (local to me) and they absolutely slayed! I would happily go and see them again, my interest peaked when they were about to play Away and Nathan was saying it was about a psycho ex-girlfriend, that was when my interest peaked and I fell in love, because that was a song that I needed in my life. Black Cats were honestly so good, like going to give them about a 4 out of 5 lemons. Then on came LUNAH, now normally LUNAH's music isn't the sort of thing I'd listen to. I feel like I mention this in every post I do when I talk about new music, my favourite bands besides The Mocking Jays are Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana, I'm very m