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My Top 15 Songs Right Now...

My Top 15 Songs Currently Sex On The Beach by The Mocking Jays Take You Home by The Mocking Jays This Is My Life by Milestones My Open Door by Fast Car To Florence Everend by Stop The Rain It's About Time by Light You Up The Chaser by Twin Atlantic The World I Used To Know by We Came As Romans Memories by We Came As Romans Pensacola, 2013 by Deaf Havana Globalisolation by Twin Atlantic Hypnotise You by Fast Car To Florence England (Reworked) by Deaf Havana Begging For Bones by Have Mercy The Past Six Years by Deaf Havana Spotify link to this playlist; Link to my most listened to tracks currently; Link to my most listened to tracks of all time; Whe

Band Review: The Mocking Jays

The Mocking Jays Source First of all, they're my local, smaller version of Twin Atlantic, and I could never pick between the two of them. Let's just get that straight, because The Mocking Jays are golden and I love them. I did see them live so, I will also bring that into this review. They're like a dirty pop rock (slightly more on the rock side), band from Nottingham. The fact they're from Nottingham makes me automatically love them, but I hadn't heard of them until I saw Fast Car To Florence (Last weeks band review) as they were playing at the gig. I went to Fast Car's gig with one of my close friends, and as soon as we heard The Mocking Jays we fell in love. I didn't think I could ever love another band like I love Twin Atlantic, but The Mocking Jays proved me wrong. The Mocking Jays consist of; Jacob Smith (Vocals) Lewis Hammond (Lead guitar) George Ramplin (Rhythm guitar) Alex Hather (Bass) Sam Dorrington (Drums) They're just this pe

Band Review: Fast Car To Florence

Fast Car To Florence Source Fast Car To Florence are an indie pop rock band that I have to say are close to my heart, because they're from Nottingham... which was initially the main reason I decided to listen to them. As I'm from Nottinghamshire, it's a big thing for me when bands come from my area. Member: Issac Anderson- Vocals and Guitar Chris Barber- Drums Mike Groves- Bassist and Vocals Now Fast Car To Florence, are probably a very universal band when it comes to someone with a similar music taste to me. They have a sound very similar to The 1975 (who I personally love) so I'd certainly say that if you like The 1975 you should check them out. (Important note: my music taste varies from pop to post-hardcore.) They recently just dropped a new EP, and I'm like "Yes, hello, why have I only just discovered you" although, they have only been around for just over a year. They're a band that just sound happy, they're one of them bands. Lik