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Album Review: Red Lights by Milestones

Red Lights by Milestones 
REd LightsRed Lights is Milestones debut album, and it is the perfect album in my opinion. Milestones are a pop-punk band from Manchester, England. It has the right mixture of "I hate my life" and "eh, let's wing it" tracks for my liking. Some of the songs, are very Mayday Parade (though, saying that Jack Bundrick who is the drummer from Mayday Parade did help write a couple of the songs) just with the music to counteract that, so you're not listing to a slow song as well as having depressing lyrics, if you get my point.
The album starts with Bittersweetheart, which in my opinion is one of the best tracks from the album. It has the infectious tune (believe me, I have Bittersweetheart stuck in my head more often than what would be considered normal) but, it also has amazing lyrics. I think my favourite lines from the song would have to be "But I still sleep with demons, they're running through my brain telling me that I'm to blame. You said, oh girl you promised that you wouldn't be the same, but I'd be lying if I told you I'm okay."

After Bittersweetheart, you go on an amazing journey into Once Upon A Time, before teleporting to Paranoid (as soon as I heard Paranoid, I knew I would love Red Lights but I love Milestones). You then get thrown into Against The World, where you're initially like 'Okay, this seems soft' but then you heard the lyrics and you're like, 'Why is this amazing?' it has a bit of an All Time Low/Mayday Parade vibe, but the lyrics just blow me away. We then land at my favourite song off of the album and maybe one of my favourite songs of all time Eighteen, and if this isn't my life I don't know what is. Eighteen is one of them songs that people would under-hype but you hear the lyrics, and you hype it up. After this, you go to Liar and you can probably list a few people to dedicate the song to. Liar is another song with a really good beat, and you want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Then we majestically travel to Hold On, which starts slow and soft, but then you're like 'dammnnnn, these lyrics'. It very much has a Mayday Parade vibe, and then everything picks up and you think 'well, that was kind of expected but kind of not.' Hold on, is very much a song that takes you on a journey, it's not you're classic song, it's one of them songs where you kind of ride the rollercoaster and then at the end you replay it because you don't know what to think of life anymore. Then we come to End Game, now normally by this part of an album I get fed up unless it's someone I really love, and although, I love Milestones I thought the end of the album would be a let down, because that's how I feel with a lot of album, but Red Lights pleasantly surprised me. I got this feeling with End Game, This Is My Life, Counting Cars and Forever or Never. I wanted to think this album was the same as any other album with a lame end, but then I got a pleasant surprise. This Is My Life is a song that has an anthem feel about it, maybe that's just me. However, at my funeral please play This Is My Life. When someone asks me for song suggestions, This Is My Life will be one of the songs I recommend from now on. Counting Cars, is very much a Mayday Parade sort of song. Both lyrically and sound wise. It screams Mayday Parade at me. I have to love Forever or Never because Jake Bundrick co-wrote the song, and I love Jake Bundrick and Mayday Parade in general.
Red Lights is certainly an album that should not be shrugged off. Red Lights is a strong contender for Album Of The Year. If you haven't already checked out Red Lights, go and do it! And if you already have, go and listen to it again!
Red Lights get's 5/5 Red Lemons from me
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