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Songs I Really Like Right Now

So recently my emotions have been all over the place so I've turned to music a lot, because guys are doing my head in. So, I've been listening to a lot of different songs, and here's some of my current favourite ones.
- Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake by Bring Me The Horizon.
there's been a lot of drama within the music community which i am 'within' so there has been a bit of drama about certain bands but I've just been in a frame of mind where I simply just need certain types of song. But yeah, Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake has been a staple to me recently as well, been messed around with by multiple people for different reasons.
- We Got This by A Day To Remember
"Things do get better, trust me I've been there. You're just like me when I was your age." We Got This by ADTR has just been one of them songs that's kind of comforted me through my emotional meltdowns, when I feel i can't carry on with my life anymore and when I just want to curl up and cry. Also, Jeremy McKinnon is one of my favourite vocalists and ADTR are one of my favourite bands, they're just a great band and recently I've been listening to them a lot more than normal because of my mental state.
- Avalanche by Bring Me The Horizon
"I need a cure for me cause a square doesn't fit the circle, give me a remedy cause my head wasn't wired for this world" Okay, yes the majority of the music i've been listening to is ADTR and BMTH but they're been two key bands for my mental state currently, and Avalanche can pretty much summarise how I feel right now.
- NJ Legion Iced Tea by ADTR
I don't know what it is about this song, there's just something about it, and it's just so good! Like, why is it so good and just... I can't explain it, but I've been loving it recently... yet again. That's also another thing, these songs aren't new songs I've just started to like, these are songs that I'm playing so much currently that are well known and loved by me .
- Out Of It by The Story So Far,
TSSF are a love them for hate 'em band, and I kinda love them. Especially when I'm in the state that I currently am in. It's just one of them songs, that I can't explain why I love it, but I do.
- Beaten In Lips by Beartooth
My ex was the person who managed to get me into Beartooth, and he's played a big part in my life this year, and he still does, for both negative and positive reasons. It's a bit of sore spot in my life, but I've found myself listening to a lot of the songs that he introduced me to as well yeah.
- In Between by Beartooth
This is the exact same reason as Beaten In Lips, and I've just felt like this song is something that's helping me get through my life right now.
- Just Past The Point of Breaking by Fatherson
This song, is just... it summarises a lot for me currently. My life is this song, and that's the best way I can describe it.
- Drown by BMTH
There's so many songs that can currently summarise my life, and again Drown is one of them. I feel like i'm drowning in my problems and mess ups, and I'm just ready to give up.
- Memories by We Came As Romans
"Tonight, I'm thinking it's time. To burn it all down before the rest of our lives. And it can't last, so never look back. Give me your heart and I will give you my hand
Cause nothing's stopping you and me. From making all these memories. Cause nothing's stopping you and me. From making all these memories"
- Who Cares? by Broadside
"Drowning sinking now. Head beneath the water can you pull me out. Or just leave me I'm sure I'll learn to swim. Who cares? I can fight against the current, show the world who I am. On second thought I'd rather drown instead, I'd rather drown instead"
- If I Leave by ADTR
"It's been a long time coming, but everyone's going to hear me out. If I leave bet you'll wish I stayed, make you regret all the things you said to me. You know that time can't help us now. If I leave this, if I leave this way"


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