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Band Review: Bloodlines

Bloodlines Bloodlines are a Scottish alt-rock band (yet again another Scottish alt-rock band here). The band consists of Jamie Coltart, Andrew MacGillivray, Steve Bull and Jamie Allanach. I came across this band, thanks to my favourite band (which for people who don't know is Twin Atlantic) and the only way I can describe Bloodlines is; Twin Atlantic + The Xcerts = Bloodlines musical math! But that is pretty much the only way I can think to describe them, like they remind me of Twin Atlantic, but they also remind me of The Xcerts and I feel like they're a perfect combination of the two of them. The vocals aren't drowned out by the instrumental aspect of the band, they're very much a modern rock band, and if that isn't your taste, then they aren't for you, but you should still give them a try. They're not one of them bands that seems to fluctuate between genre's they very much stay true to their genre and they do it really well. I will say tha