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Smaller Bands I Love That Deserve More Love...

So I'm going to give you some of the smaller bands that I love, and for reference and also if you want to listen to slightly bigger and better-known bands, my favourites are;
Twin Atlantic
Deaf Havana,
A Day To Remember,
The Story So Far,
Neck Deep,
State Champs,
With Confidence,
Mayday Parade,
Don Broco
So if you want to listen to a bigger band, they're my suggestions, especially Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana because I love them so much, and if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that. But however, we are not here to talk about bigger bands, we're here to shine some light onto some smaller bands, now there's going to be some bands that are a lot bigger than others on this list, but all bands I am going to mention are bands I love a lot.
So here we go!
The first band I want to mention is Fatherson, now Fatherson is a Scottish alternative rock band (and yes, I did come across them via Twin Atlantic, I just like Scottish accents okay?!) and although a lot of the bands I listen to are alternative rock, Fatherson has this sound about that... they're softer, calmer, think about The 1975 meets Twin Atlantic, and that's probably Fatherson.
My favourite song by Fatherson, which I always tell people to listen to is Open Book, and my favourite version of this song is the Γ’ran MΓ³r Session version, it's absolutely beautiful.
The second band I want to mention is Best Of Enemies, now a while ago I did do a band review of them, and to this day I still love them, I listen to them regularly, and honestly, that band are just... I don't want to repeat everything I said in the review but I do love Best Of Enemies a lot, and my favourite songs that I always tell people to check out, is Way Of Life and Call To Arms, I love BoE and honestly, they deserve so much love.
The third band I want to mention is Stop The Rain, now Stop The Rain... again are a Scottish alternative rock band... (I really like Scottish alt rock bands) and again, I've done a review again before, and I love them so much, they deserve so much love. All three of their current songs are golden, and they're new music coming soon (may or may not review it when it come out, if they want me to of course) I've never met them but I've spoken to Blair a few times and he's so lovely, and honestly, what's better than an amazingly talented band being lovely? You can not go wrong with listening to any of their songs.
The fourth band I want to mention is Atlas Run, again a Scottish alt rock band (I told you, I love 'em) and they're a new band in my life, I only came across them when I received a DM on Twitter (@MyVoiceBrandNew and @mvbnphotography) asking if I wanted to do a review (stay tuned for that, it's coming soon!) and from the first song (Chasing The Storm) I was like "I love them, I need them in my life" they're amazing, and I don't want to ramble on because review coming soon, But honestly, check them out.
The last band I want to mention is *(insert Jesse Katsopolis voice here*) Have Mercy who for once, aren't Scottish or British, they're American. Now, I've seen Have Mercy live, I saw them when they supported Mayday Parade on their 2016 European Black Lines tour, obviously, I'd listened to them before the show, but when I heard them live I fell in love with them just a little bit more. My favourite Have Mercy song is Two Years, I also really Pete Rose and Babe Ruth along with Reaper (it wins me over because it references a Chevrolet Camaro). I don't think they have any song that's bad so you should check them out.
All five bands are amazing, and I love them all to bits, and they're smaller than most of the bands I listen to, so check them out if you want.


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