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Why I Love Deaf Havana

A.N. So I ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics you wanted to see on Band Week, and this was a winner. Grace  ( @myvoicebrandnew ) If you didn't know, Deaf Havana is my joint favourite band, and because I've done a Twin Atlantic reasons why it's only fair that I now do my Deaf Havana one. Deaf Havana are just an amazing English alt-rock band and I love them to bits, I love the fact they write their own songs, and they play their own songs... that's a big thing for me, I like a band with meaning in their lyrics, and well, Deaf Havana gives me feelings. James, Matt, Tom, Max and Lee are so talented and they deserve so much recognition, I've loved them for like four years now, and just... they still leave me speechless. So why do I love them? 1. Have you seen them? 2. "I'm overweight, overtired and sick of trying to find an answer in these darkened city bars" 3. They're really good live! (and I wanna see them again... rip, to my wages) 4.

Albums The Changed My Life

A.N. So I ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics you wanted to see on Band Week, and this was a winner. Grace  ( @myvoicebrandnew ) 5. Free by Twin Atlantic, Twin Atlantic were just a life changing band for me, and this album is just... it was the first Twin Atlantic album I heard, and Free was the first song I heard, back when it was released...  it's such a good album and not one song is bad on the whole of it. 4. Color Blind by Seaway, Seaway are a band that I adore so much, but this album is just a masterpiece. It's amazing, and honestly, I wish I could put it joint first, but all the albums I'm going to mention are all like my top albums, and I don't really have a favourite. But Color Blind... when I was on NCS I annoyed my best friend with how much I played the whole album. 3. GLA by Twin Atlantic, it was their make or break album, and it did not disappoint, nearly a year later and I still swear by this album, almost as if it's my bible... I may love

My Top Songs Of All Time

A.N. So I ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics you wanted to see on Band Week, and this was the winner. Grace  ( @myvoicebrandnew ) 10. Critical Mistake by Neck Deep, now this is probably going to move higher up the list, but since the album hasn't even been out for a week, I'll place it here. It's such a great song, and it's Neck Deep! I mean The Peace and The Panic is such a hyped album... but it deserves the hype. 9. Just What I've Been Looking For by Scouting For Girls, S4G are my childhood, and I love them so much, but this song... it's like a hidden gem, because not everybody knows about it, with S4G most people know Elvis Ain't Dead, She's So Lovely, It's Not About You, This Ain't A Love Song and Heartbeat, but this song is just so beautiful, and it's a blessing. 8. Open Book by Fatherson, like I mentioned on Monday, Open Book is a beautiful song, but to know more about that, go and read about it. But I love this song so mu

Band Review: Atlas Run

Atlas Run Atlas Run are a Scottish indie alt-rock band from Glasgow, now if you know me or my music taste, you know that says a lot, and of course when I got the DM from Stefan and he asked if I wanted to do a review, within 30 seconds of listening to Chasing The Storm I was like "YES!" okay... it actually took me an hour or so to get round to listening to it, because well, I was busy, but you get the point. As soon as I heard Chasing The Storm I knew these guys were going to be insane! *So Atlas Run is made up of Paul Howie, Ryan Hamilton, Ryan Monteith and Stefan Connor Atlas Run are exactly as they say, and indie, alt-rock band, if you don't like that, they aren't for you, but if you do like that, then you may have just found a hidden gem from Glasgow. Nothing is overpowering with Atlas Run, it's almost like the perfect amount of guitar and drums, vocals and bass. You can hear what they are singing, but you can also the beauty that is the actual instrume

Smaller Bands I Love That Deserve More Love...

So I'm going to give you some of the smaller bands that I love, and for reference and also if you want to listen to slightly bigger and better-known bands, my favourites are; Twin Atlantic Deaf Havana, Seaway, A Day To Remember, The Story So Far, Neck Deep, State Champs, With Confidence, Mayday Parade, Don Broco So if you want to listen to a bigger band, they're my suggestions, especially Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana because I love them so much, and if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that. But however, we are not here to talk about bigger bands, we're here to shine some light onto some smaller bands, now there's going to be some bands that are a lot bigger than others on this list, but all bands I am going to mention are bands I love a lot. So here we go! The first band I want to mention is Fatherson, now Fatherson is a Scottish alternative rock band (and yes, I did come across them via Twin Atlantic, I just like Scottish accents okay?!) and although a