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Why I Love Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic aren't your average band, for many reasons, which I will get onto in a minute. Twin Atlantic are one of them bands that actually play instruments and write their own lyrics... Twin Atlantic find joy in being the band that they are, they aren't doing it for money, and as the wise Sam McTrusty once said, they don't make that much money from what they do. Now, I look at other bands that are massive, and then I look at Twin Atlantic. Twin Atlantic are so talented, I actually can't process how talented they are. Just listen to any Twin Atlantic song and then try and say that they can't sing or play music... because Sam McTrusty, Barry McKenna, Ross McNae and Craig Kneale will prove you wrong.
So why is it that I love this band more than anything?
1. Gordon... only Twin Atlantic fans will understand this, and I'll try and link the video at the end of this post.
2. Sam has the voice of an angel
3. Cello solo Barry (and the cello solo is... it leaves me breathless)
4. Out of all the bands I've seen live, nobody has been as good as Twin Atlantic.
5. Let us just remember and appreciate the rain mac phase they went through...
6. Their accents... brb I'm melting at their accents
7. Their latest album GLA is a tribute to their city, how beautiful is that?
8. Sam's very bizarre tweets, I still can't get my head around the stealing candy from a baby one...
9. Ross' lack of tweeting, I'm sorry how many tweets in how many years?
10. Craig's photography... and the fact he supplies us with all the Twin Atlantic photos we need
11. The opening line to Time For You To Stand Up
12. The fact nobody in Nottingham seemed to want Sam to crowdsurf in 2016
13. I hate a lot of band's fanbase's and I'm ashamed to be a fan of some bands, but Twin Atlantic have such a lovely fanbase. Some of my favourite people have came into my life via Twin Atlantic
14. Let's just get this out of the way, nobody knew the words to Ex El, but we all loved it anyway... then we learnt what Sam was actually saying and although we're still trying to get over the lyrics, we love it.
15. They're genuine, they don't act like they're this egotistical rock band... although Sam is referred to as being arrogant, but he's such a lovely person
16. Without Twin Atlantic, I wouldn't know @twitatlantic, @MASTERCASSIUS, @kryfaulkner (and now she's one of my favourite people, love you girl!) and so many other people
17. No Sleep
18. I'm sorry just go look at a photo of Sam McTrusty...
19. I'm sorry, did you say your autotune band was talented? Go listen to Yes, I Was Drunk
20. Sam's legs are longer than my will to live
21. Have you heard their cover of Crash by Usher? Because that speaks louder than anything.
22. GLA
23. Great Divide
24. Free
25. Vivarium
26. And the one that we cannot forget... A Guidance From Colour
27. The Chaser
28. Half of their song titles make no sense, but you know, we love them anyway.
29. Their lyrics
30. Their lyrics are more relatable than half the stuff that is classed as good music.
31. The way Sam say's grace (but that might just be because that's my name)
Top 10 Twin Atlantic Songs;
1. Time For You To Stand Up
2. The Chaser
3. Eight Days
4. Fall Into The Party
5. Crash Land
6. A Scar To Hide
7. Free
8. Sparkly Touch
9. We Want Better, Man
10. I Cave In
Album ratings;
Vivarium... 9/10
Free... 10/10
Great Divide 10/10
GLA... 10/10
Best videos;


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