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Band Review: Stop The Rain

Stop The Rain Name: Stop The Rain Stop The Rain are a Scottish alternative rock band. The Scottish five-piece consists of Blair Davie, Sam Flood, Sam Steele, Ben Muir and Kyle Fummey. The only way I can describe their sound is if Twin Atlantic and Fatherson had a 'love child', and if you threw in a tiny bit of Deaf Havana you'd have Stop The Rain. Although the members are 16/17, do not let this put you off, because I was blown away by how talented they are. When you listen to them (because you really should) you will be shocked, the sound is incredibly professional, and it's very clear to hear that they put a lot of effort into their music. A strong mix of guitar and drums, whilst the vocals power through and the Scottish accent is present (which is another reason why I love them so much). They currently have two songs you can listen to Skylight (which is one of my favourite songs currently) and Home Is Where My Heart Is (all the links will be at the end of the