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Band Review: Best Of Enemies

Best of Enemies Name: Best of Enemies Best of Enemies is an English rock band from London consisting of Sam, Ben, Simon and Christian*.
They're of a similar sound to the likes of Deaf Havana (and if you like Deaf Havana like I do, I highly suggest going and listening to them, but carry on reading...). A mixture of strong vocals and powerful guitars (and drums, of course).
Best of Enemies are a VERY talented and spectacular band.
All their songs are surreal and a masterpiece (in my personal opinion, but everybody has their own opinion).
They're perfect if you want to listen to something with some powerful sounds or if  you're just looking for a band similar to the likes of Deaf Havana.
If you're looking for a new band, go and give Best of Enemies a listen. If you're looking for a song to start with then I suggest my favourite which is Way of Life or Call to Arms. However, you cannot go wrong with any song by Best of Enemies. So where can you find Best of Enemies? Fa…