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Band Review: Best Of Enemies

Best of Enemies Name: Best of Enemies Best of Enemies is an English rock band from London consisting of Sam, Ben, Simon and Christian*. They're of a similar sound to the likes of Deaf Havana (and if you like Deaf Havana like I do, I highly suggest going and listening to them, but carry on reading...). Credit to Jessica Piochon A mixture of strong vocals and powerful guitars (and drums, of course). Best of Enemies are a  VERY  talented and spectacular band. All their songs are surreal and a masterpiece (in my personal opinion, but everybody has their own opinion). They're perfect if you want to listen to something with some powerful sounds or if  you're just looking for a band similar to the likes of Deaf Havana. If you're looking for a new band, go and give Best of Enemies a listen. If you're looking for a song to start with then I suggest my favourite which is Way of Life or Call to Arms. However, you cannot go wrong with any song by Best of Ene