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Band Review: Scribble Victory

A.N. So I'm still not feeling very well, and all my energy is going on my A-Levels but I'm still here to do an upload. So because a few artists have asked me to write them reviews I decided to make this a little series. So today's is on a duo called Scribble Victory. MyVoiceBrandNew  / Grace x Name: Scribble Victory. Scribble Victory are an acoustic duo from Derbyshire, England. They class themselves as where Modern Baseball meets Dashboard Confessional, and I could not agree more. The type of act that they are, means that they fit into different music tastes. Their voices shine beautifully through the songs. If you want something nice and calm to relax to, I mean I guess everybody has different types of music for different moods, but I've found them great to put on if I just want to be calm or if I want to revise. Because they're not to the likes of something like Twin Atlantic or Neck Deep, they're just a little bit of drum and an acoustic guitar, they can