15 Songs I’m Loving Currently

Just a simple little post for today, hope you enjoy.


  1. More Like You by Trophy Eyes
  2. You Can Count On Me by Trophy Eyes
  3. Hell by Deaf Havana
  4. Making Waves by Fatherson
  5. Looks Red, Tastes Blue by Mayday Parade
  6. Frozen by State Champs
  7. Safe Haven by State Champs
  8. Whirlpool by Distant Blue
  9. Sinner by Deaf Havana
  10. Fast Forward by You Me At Six
  11. 3AM by You Me At Six
  12. Sex On The Beach by The Mocking Jays
  13. Take You Home by The Mocking Jays
  14. Is Nowhere by Mayday Parade
  15. Lightning by State Champs


Playlist link; https://open.spotify.com/user/myvoicebrandnew/playlist/0fTytt4LKIsCAmCamqPa0x?si=bxc8i0vZSWuxYphSR-WJWA


Where to find me;
Here Every Monday at 7 pm UK time
Twitter (@MyVoiceBrxndNew
Snapchat (myvoicebrandnew)
Instagram (myvoicebrandnew)

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